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  • Audio Previews

    Check out what we’re working on right for the app! We’ve been hard at it in the studio recording tracks, overdubbing horns, vocals, guitars and all kinds of tasty bits and pieces… This is just the beginning of a mammoth task of creating all the amazing audio that’s going to be contained in the app, so we thought you’d dig being able to check out some rough board mixes of what we’re working on and editing right now. This playlist includes material from our “Groove Packages” that feature original compositions, cuts from our “Mike Stern Package vol i” that features Mike himself absolutely ripping! and another standard from our “Standards package vol i”. This time it’s Moments Notice with an intro and original bebop head that we’ll be adding additional instrumentation to over the coming weeks.

    More audio and video previews to come!

    No Comments | 09/05/2014

  • John Patitucci talks practice

    One of the greatest things about working with all these incredible artists for the app is that we can sit down with them and pick their brains. We sat down with John for a series of interviews about practicing and about his process for becoming the legendary and influential musician he is today. Here’s one of these videos, and don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel and check out the other videos in the series!

    No Comments | 09/03/2014

  • Week 1 wrap up with a new video

    Hey cats,

    It’s been a hectic first week on the campaign trail, and the response has been incredible. We can’t thank you enough for all your pledges and for helping us get this thing rolling!

    Check out our latest full length performance video with one of our drum artists Cliff Almond. This is an original melody over the chord changes to the standard Cherokee, and features Bob Reynolds, Rashawn Ross, Cliff Almond, Roland Gajate Garcia, Dennis Hamm and myself.

    If you haven’t pledged already then you should know that ALL of our pledge levels include this track in play along form for any instrument as a special pre-release mp3 track.

    Thanks for all your support, and keep spreading the word so we can smash this campaign and get to coding this app!


    No Comments | 08/08/2014

  • The Journey Begins

    This journey started during a car ride one day when the two of us were discussing how great it would be to be able to populate our practice time with the ability to play with incredible musicians. The thought of putting this concept into an app came very shortly afterwards, and phone calls were placed to several of our friends and colleagues who happen to be some of the greatest musicians alive today.

    Once there was some genuine interest from a lot of the artists we wanted to include in the project, the planning began, and not too long after that we were at the point where we were calling studios and actually booking sessions to record this amazing material.

    That was the beginning, and where the launch may be in sight now, the end by no means is. We’re planning on recruiting your heroes, who will probably be our heroes as well, to come and record for us and be a part of this unique project. Our passion for music, our passion for practicing, and our drive to make your learning experience (as well as ours of course!) better, will result in an ongoing and constantly growing product that will take all our playing to the next level.

    9 Comments | 07/25/2014

wow! thats a big screen